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Consider your soul

Unfortunately it seems fashionable to believe that a person's belief system removes consequences or outcomes. For instance, in our society, if a person believes that there is a deity of some kind, the person surely 'goes to a better place' on their demise. Just as common is the belief that everyone is basically good and therefore should be welcomed into God's heaven when their time comes. Please keep in mind that the definitions of 'good' and 'God' are supposed to be subjective to each individual. Then, when judgment comes, it is God who is unjust when people find themselves condemned. (God has plainly said that these beliefs are not true)

Here are some facts to consider:

> God has revealed clearly Who He is as well as what is right and wrong.

>People willfully decide to reject His rules and constantly want God to overlook their rebellion and blasphemy. 

>Since we have all willfully rebelled against God, we are now guilty of rejecting His rule over us. 

>Since God is Just, Loving and cannot change, our sin must dealt with in order to bring us into a right relationship with Him. But the penalty for our rebellion costs us our life? How can we set our wrongs that we have done right again?

>God loves us so much, that He sent His One and Only Unique Son to fix what we have broken, and WHOEVER believes in Him will never be condemned but will live forever. (John 3:16)

>"Believe" Means to entrust yourself to Jesus and the work that He accomplished... for the forgiveness of our failures and a new life from God. Will you?

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